Benevolent Buddy Charity Program

The Benevolent Buddy Program


EB Financial Planning will donate 10% of Investment
Advisory fees billed on your account to any EBFP
pre-approved 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
You Choose at no cost to you or the Charity!

Whether you are investing for Income or Growth, when you open a Benevolent Buddy Account with EB Financial Planning, you can provide for your favorite cause. The EBFP pre-approved 501(C)(3) Organization you pick will receive an income stream at no cost to you or the charity as long as your investment account is active.


Frequently Asked Questions

*Is the Benevolent Buddy Program a Donor Advised Fund or a Private Foundation?
No. Payments to the 501(c)(3) Organization come directly from Quarterly Investment Advisory Fees billed to your account and do not incur additional charges to the Client nor Charity. Advisory fees are published in Form ADV II and Schedule H Brochure which are available by clicking on the link.

*Can I write off the Benevolent Buddy Program gifts off of my taxes?
No. Donations come directly from EB Financial Planning's Quarterly Investment Advisory Fees, and not the Client Advocate Account Owner for the purposes of tax reporting.

*Can the Charitable Organization Solicit on behalf of the Benevolent Buddy Program?
No. Charity may provide member contact information and a forum to EB Financial Planning. However we ask that it not offer any solicitation or endorsement.

*Can I choose any Charity I want?
Yes. As long as the organization is an EB Financial Planning pre-approved registered 501(c)(3). Contact us for the list of qualified charities.

*Can I choose to have ESG (environmental, social and governance) investments only?
Absolutely! In addition to the ESG portfolio, EB Financial Planning also offers ESGR (environmental, social, governance and religious) specifically tailored for Religious Organizations.


*Houses of Worship will receive reduced
Investment Advisory fees when EB
Financial Planning Investment
Advisory Services manages
your Investments*

Please let us know how we can assist you in assisting
others by clicking on the Inquiry/Contact Us link.