Six Month Test Drive

Take EB Financial Planning's Investment
Advisory Asset Management Services
for a 6 Month test Drive


New Private Clients with a minimum investment of $500,000 or greater may try EB Financial Planning's
Investment Advisory Services without being billed for
Advisory Fees for up to 180 calendar days. Should you decide to discontinue our Investment Advisory Asset
Management services, transfer your account prior to the
181st day and pay no Investment Advisory Fees*. Should
you find our Performance satisfactory and stay beyond
180 calendar days, your account will be billed on the
181st calendar day for Investment Advisory services
rendered since inception. Your account will then be billed
quarterly, in arrears, as shown in the our ADV II Annual
Fee Schedule (Item 5 Part B).

You can rest assured with our 100% Satisfaction Pledge: If you are not completely satisfied with EB Financial Planning’s Investment Advisory Service, we will waive your subsequent Quarterly Investment Advisory Fee.

We offer this Pledge because we are Confident
that you will be Completely Satisfied with our
Investment Advisory Service.

*There is a non-refundable $300 account establishment fee
that is charged on all new EB Financial Planning
Investment Advisory Management accounts.