Company Sponsored Retirement Plans

Sponsoring a Retirement Plan for your Business can Reduce Your Tax Bill while saving for Retirement!


Remember the taxes your Business paid last year?

How would you like to take some of this years tax dollars,
invest them in a tax deferred retirement account for yourself and your employees, and take a deduction for your business today?

By setting up a company sponsored retirement plan at
you can do just that!

Today there are a multitude of retirement plans available to Businesses and their employees. Such a large number of choices can create much confusion for business owners who decide to establish a retirement plan and for employees who have to navigate them. EBFP will guide you through the pros and cons of each plan and help you to decide on which plan is best for your Business.

* Payroll Deducted IRA/ROTH IRA * SEP IRAs *
* Deferred Compensation/Golden Handcuffs * SIMPLE
IRAs * Individual 401Ks * 403B Plans * 401k Plans *

*By setting up a Company Sponsored Retirement Plan
with EB Financial Planning, you can shift the
Fiduciary Responsibility Requirements
to EB Financial Planning.*

EB Financial Planning will provide each plan participant with a retirement needs questionnaire that will help the participant establish a hypothetical illustration that will target a specific retirement age and a specific periodic contribution amount. In addition a risk analysis questionnaire will determine the proper portfolio mix to match your employees' level of risk comfort.

We will be happy to provide you with a Proposal detailing the services you need. Together we can tailor a plan to meet your Company Retirement Planning needs.

Please contact us via the inquiry/Contact Us link.

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